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Thinking Out Of The Box – Some Unique Weddings Venues In The U.K.

A wedding should be one the most joyous days in the lives of both bride and groom – as well as their family and guests. While some people will find the traditional wedding venue perfect for their needs (not that there is anything wrong with that). Then there are couples who want the celebration to be a unique experience – a reflection of their individual personalities – and quirks. Thankfully the U.K. is filled to the brim with wedding venues that will offer something a little out of the ordinary. Let’s take a look at a few of these.

  1. Larmer Tree Gardens.

For those who want an unforgettable wedding out in the bosom of Mother Nature venues do not come any better than this. The Larmer Tree Gardens in Salisbury, Wiltshire is an almost fairy-tale like settings where blooms seem to supply that magical scent to any wedding proceedings. There are a variety of spaces on offer at the gardens. These include the original Victorian buildings including The Roman Temple, there is also the magnificent Jubilee Hall with its draped ceilings and oak floors. The availability of indoor and outdoor options is especially welcome for those who do not want to get on more intimate terms with Mother Nature when the storm clouds gather. It goes almost without saying that the Gardens offer an exceptional setting for truly memorable wedding photos.

  1. Lusty Glaze Beach in Newquay, Cornwall.

There is something special about boundaries – and none can stir the soul like those magical places where the land meets the saltwater. The nature of a beach is that it is forever changing – but always there to sooth and provide wonder. It is the embodiment of that perfect marriage. A wedding held on Lusty beach delivers that wonderful beach wedding experience and much more besides. The secluded cove offers the perfect venue for bride and groom as well as guests to enjoy the sound of the waves washing against the shore while celebrating the ceremony itself and the reception afterward. Your day will progress through a wedding breakfast and the ceremony – both on the Top Deck – while the Marquee awaits the evening festivities.

  1. Victoria Baths, Manchester.

With a total of five different spaces in the Baths to celebrate that special day, the wedding party will be spoiled for choice. Everything from that all-important wedding breakfast to the absolutely perfect space to take to the dancefloor is provided. For those really want to explore the mystique, history and beauty of this venue a wedding at the edge of the Gala Pool is perfect. The soaring ceilings and raised seating make it both a quirky and inspired choice.

A wedding should be an expression of love, commitment and understanding. It will be the start of a journey towards understanding, empathy and joy. A great first step is selecting that perfect venue – and perhaps agreeing to think a little out of the box in order to have that unique wedding function. The correct choice can mean memories that provide a smile each time you think back on that special day.

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